About Me

I've been cosplay since in the end of 2003, and started to be a real cosplayer in 2004, it almost 5 year. My first cosplay was Usagi Tsukino from Anime : Sailor Moon. I've been in love with this character and dreams to cosplayin alll her version outfit XD. I made and sew my own costume, handle my own make-up and hair do (yes I buy the wig and styling by myself) cosplay now is part of my life. I can expression myself through cosplay. And I won't stop cosplaying until I'm old hehehehe...

My cosplay list :

1> Usagi Tsukino-SailorMoon (Seifuku Version)
2> Usagi Tsukino-SailorMoon (Casual Style)
3> Princess Serenity-SailorMoon (Manga Version)
4> Princess Serenity-SailorMoon(Anime Version)
5> Princess Serenity-PGSM~SailorMoon (Live Action/Tokusatsu Version
6> Neo Queen Serenity-SailorMoon R (Anime Version)
7> Sailor Moon (First Battle Suit)
8> Super Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon S Series)
9> Eternal Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon Stars Series)
10> Luna-Human Version (Sailor Moon S The Movie)
11> Evangeline A.K McDowell-Vampire Knight Version (Anime Magister Negi Magi
12> Euphemia Li Britannia-Princess Version(CODE GEASS:Hyangaku No Lelouch)
13> Milia Rage -Game (Guilty Gear XX)
14> Freya-Black Chii (Chobits)
15> Visual Kei Cosplay "Countess Lesthate"
16> Elegant Gothic Lolita "Lady Victorian"
17> DIVA-Vampire Queen (BLOOD+)
18> Gothic Bride (original gothic cosplay)
19> Ganguro style
20> Elegant Gothic "Sacred Crow Princess"
21> Usagi Tsukino "Christmas Edition"
22> Fusion Yukata Girl (original)
23> Sugar Pink Yukata (original)
24> Strawberry Samurai (original)
25> Black-Cat (original gothic)
26> Fairy Queen (original fantasy)
27> Exotic Lady (original cosplay)
28> Mademoiselle Sanguini (original visual kei)
29> Gypsy Girl (original style)
30> Usagi Tsukino "etnik edition"
31> Maria Renard ~Castlevania : Symphony of The Night~
32> Deedlit (Sacrifice Version) Record of Lodoss War
33> Mistress Black (Original)
34> Euphemia Li Britannia ( Civilian Dress) ~ CODE GEASS : HYANGAKU NO LELOUCH

Other Profiles

e-mail/MSN : usagi-chiba@hotmail.com
Facebook : usagi-chibaserenity@hotmail.com

Yahoo ID : tsukino_usagi_moonprincess@yahoo.com