About Me

My cosplay dream is to be able to make Rin's Daughter of Evil dress! But I'm far from achieving it! >.< I got started in cosplaying because I've been an anime fan for around 3 years and I've always wanted to cosplay. I only ever started getting serious about it in July 2012 because I finally got the motivation! I love cosplaying because after you complete a piece of your cosplay from scratch, it feels amazing. I also love it because I'll (hopefully) get to meet new people that I'll be friends with forever. :)

Other Profiles

E-mail: coolpets@live.co.uk (I know...I made it when I was 7...)
MCM expo: UchihaMonster
Tumblr: im-your-longlost-misha
Facebook: Catarina Goncalves & Cat's Cosplay Antics