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Ever since starting attending Events and Con's in 2000, I've had an interest in CosPlay and Costuming.
I started Costuming in about 2005, with a Charity group who mostly did Doctor Who costumes. After about 6 months with them, I moved to another group who are primarily Star Wars costumers.

Even though originally not intentional, I have ended up mainly doing Costumes that are unique in the UK. Also, from a fair amount of research, I am pretty confident in saying that both my DoC Reeve and my Jedi Corran are the most accurate in the World :D

For the most part, my costume building skills are limited to prop & armour building, with the bulk of the fabric based building being done by my mother. Due to this, unfortunately I doubt I will compete using any of my costumes at any point in the foreseeable future......

Other Profiles

MSN - novasquad1@hotmail.com
Skype - tonyjay430

I'm not on these too often, but feel free to add me anyway :D


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