Personal Information

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Name : Amber
Website :
Location : Newcastle
Date of Birth : 9th January 1984
Age : 33

Personal Bio

I haven't had the chance to cosplay for a while now having been busy organising my wedding last summer. I married a fellow Otaku (who incidentally I met at Amecon 2007) who goes by the name of Danov in September 2009

I am recently returning to cosplay after taking a rather long hiatus due to getting married and having two children. 2013 will see me return into the world of congoing!

I enjoy making my own costumes, corsetry and jewellery and really love working on both original costumes and period peices.

My biggest cosplay failing is never ever getting round to taking photos! I have many more costumes I have done in the past which have been binned that I have no photographs of and other costumes I no longer fit in that I would not be able to photograph again. With this in mind I'm aiming to do a lot more photoshoots!

Cosplay Bio

I've been making my own clothing since 2001, but I first started customising my own clothing and making my own jewellery when I was about 10. The first anime cosplay costume I made was Witch Hunter Robin, as I was really excited to see a character with similar hair and glasses to me and felt I just had to do it!

I really enjoy making accurate costumes with a lot of technical work in them. I'm growing more interested in original costumes and historical based designs of late, as I can more easily encorporate corsetry which I so enjoy making. I think my proudest moment for cosplaying was my Rita Skeeter costume, as it was the first costume I'd made where I really got into character for, something I'd like to work more on in the future.