Personal Information

Name : Charlotte
Date of Birth : 7th December 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Well... I prefer the name Charlie, but you may call me whatever as long as it's not Lottie. I'm studying Interactive Media, and I really love to draw manga, I prefer my room to any place in my town. It's my sanctuary. I've been told that my personality is weird and hilarious, and that i'm funny and kind. Also my sense of humour is great... i even laugh at words like pudding (o.O)... And that my laid back attitude really helps people relax sometimes. My favourite type of music wuld be J-pop and soundtracks to games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, visiting Japan is one of my dreams. I've only recently decided to cosplay since I'm going to my first covention in Feb. But I will be cosplay in the future.

Cosplay Bio

Um.... I can't really say much, but I will be closet cosplaying this year, next year I'll need to buy stuff....

This year : Gijinka Heartless (I think it's called... humaniod version at least)
Next year : Len Kagamine~Sevant of Evil
Zero Kiryu~Uniform
Sora(Kingdom Hearts)~KHII

Contact Information