About Me

I got started cosplaying 2 days before my first London MCM expo back in 2006. Crazedteensie called me asking if i wanted to go. Of course i had no time to make anything so FreyaCresent made me a pair of Chobits ears (thanks!) and I wore a black dress to be Freya from Chobits.

Since then I've been trying to get better at making cosplays, particularly my sewing. I do get a lot of help from mum and from my friends, all of which will be credited. If I forget, tell me!

My cosplay preferences tend to be girls with adorable outfits. Dresses are so fun to make! Unfortunately, my eyes are bigger than my purse and time so I have more cosplays planned than I could ever afford or find time to make XD
For me, cosplay is all about having fun. I get a little competitive, but usually it's just me wanting to get better at all this. Everything about cosplaying is fun, from buying the material to dressing up (and being in character!). Even the stress of costumes can be fun in its own odd way ^^

My favourite part of cosplaying is definitely the fun I have with my friends. I'm lucky enough that my best friends at home (even some from uni) all cosplay, and I'm a proud member of the group Insomniatic Cosplay! Most of my cosplays don't fit into the groups we do (as I pick random characters who I love), but since being part of our FFIX group, I can't wait to be in a huge group again!

I find cosplay to be a major confidence booster. So many of the people I've met though cosplaying are lovely, giving compliments and offering advice, sometimes even asking how I made stuff. People's kind words mean so much to me, as does constructive criticism, so thank you everyone!