About Me

My first cosplay was Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, something I'd always wanted to do, even before I read manga properly or knew what cosplay was. My aunt and uncle went to Japan and brought me back a few manga, and it spiraled from there.
Mitsulika from Alichino was next, overly ambitious considering it was the first time I'd made a cosplay on my own and there was no real reference, but it's an example of my desire to make costumes that are unique and haven't been "done a million times". No sailor moon over here folks!

I'm a complete perfectionist when it comes to sewing and cosplay, I strive to create THE BEST of that cosplay there is.
Elika and Ada were the only exceptions as they were part of a couples cosplay thing I did. Let's just say, Ada was from ebay and altered a bit, and Elika was done in the car on the way to London, and finished in the que to go on stage for the masquerade.

Other Profiles

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