About Me

Well since i was a kid, i always liked designing costumes for characters in my fave animes (my favourite models being Cardcaptor Sakura and Digimon; spent many a time in P6 doodling in the back of my jotter and getting in lottsa troubles :3
Used to make little prototypes of the costumes for my plushies as well as customise my clothes to look more anime/jrockish when i started high school

Twasn't till about 4th year through random internet stumbling i discovered that there were people out there who actually did the same as i did, only on a much bigger scale and a thousand times better ^^

Until i got a job i had only cosplayed Gaara from naruto but that was mainly a budget cosplay as mostly modifications of existing clothing (hoh lawds i can add fishnet to my t-shirt!!!!!!)

But now i have a regular disposable income and need something to de-stress me at uni so i can get more into the scene ;3

Other Profiles

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