About Me

My interest in cosplay arrived from my numerous fancy dress escapades. Whilst most of the photos I have uploaded on here are from specific fancy dress events, I realised that I put alot of effort into my costumes and was never happy unless i look relatively similar to the character that I portrayed. Looking back at them, they are rather amatuerish, for good reason, and that reason is my severe lack of building skills, relying mainly on salvaging and a lot of paint work.

To put a long story short, I'm here to make friends and gain inspiration and influence from you many beautiful cosplayers out there :P
I went to this year's May MCM Expo for the first time, and loved all the preparation and dedication people put into their own costumes, and would love to improve and start making more elaborate costumes, as i have a great deal of characters I went to dress as, and do them justice.

My first step is to receive some form of training to help me give me a more professional approach to this art form.

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