Personal Information

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Name : Max
Location : Dorset
Date of Birth : 17th February 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

I was born way too late XD Live my life in the past, when i'm not reenacting or cosplaying, i'm doing some sort of ancient craft (Old woodwork, leather working, chainmail etc) I'm not one of those people who actually believes they ARE a viking, I just REALLY wish I was XD but it's not just the artisan in me thats old fashioned, even my music tastes are '80's XD

Cosplay Bio

I have enjoyed dressing up and role playing for as long as I can remember but never took up Cosplay as a hobby untill I first discovered the MCM expo in May 2010 (Yuss i'm still a newbie) My first cosplay was Eric Draven from The Crow and I still believe it's my best so far XD