About Me

I was first introduced to cosplay and anime in 2007 ! ! > A A <
Such a long time ago ! {4 Years Ago ~ ! !}
I really enjoyed being shown all these new things > w <
I regularly watched anime and looked up cosplay online before deciding that I really wanted to cosplay too ! !
My first cosplay was Temari from Naruto  ゚ Д゚ {A series of which I got out of, easily...}
I then started to watch more and more and I got into different fandoms and eventually did some proper cosplays ´▽`
Which lead me to here ! !
I think currently I have too many planned cosplays but I totally want to complete them all ´⌒`
So hopefully, over time I will ! !

That's all ! ! ≧∇≦

Other Profiles

Tumblr; unhinged-clown
Twitter; Taesiee
Deviantart; TechnoMuffin
Skype; terminally-Capricious