Personal Information

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Name : Celia-Jade
Location : Bath, UK
Date of Birth : 9th April 1986
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Hiya! ^.^ My friends call me Squee! Im a hairdresser from a little village outside of Bath, Somerset (by day, but by night... well, at any excuse anyways) I mostly cosplay Batman villains with my puddin' by my side, and sometimes my furrie sister and her mate >.<

Cosplay Bio

I guess, I'm the kinda cosplayer who likes to hand make as much of a costume as possible myself, but im more interested in the chariter and I supose roleplay when the costumes on ^.^ I'm planning on branching out to other DC, Batman, 2000ad and tv & film chariter costumes in the future, but for now, im happily just a dedicated classic jesterstyle Harley Quinn cosplayer >.<