About Me

I got started in cosplay when I first went to the MCM Expo in October 2006. I wore a military hat which looked like a navy blue variant of M. Bison's cap. There I caught my first sight of cosplayers en masse, and wanted in on the fun next time I went. That time was in May, when I went to the Expo as Terry Bogard (although people thought I was Ash Ketchum). After another fail at cosplay with Siegfried, I had personal success at last as Dan Hibiki. Since then I have had fun as Wario, and had entered the masquerade in a Sgt Frog gijinka group as Tamama.
UPDATE (23/10/2010) Wow, forgot to update this thang. Since the above, I have also cosplayed in another masquerade as Dan Hibiki's first alternate costume from Street Fighter IV (the padded one) in the Street Fighter Group. I have also worn a Bartz Klauser costume from Final Fantasy: Dissidia, and my current favorite costume is Gyarados from Pokemon.