About Me

I've been cosplaying since 2011 now.
I started cosplaying when the first Manchester MCM anime expo happened, for it was near by and my courage wasn't at its highest so a nice close by expo I thought I would try ^^ and to my happiness I had the time of my life, and knowing there where loads of others out there who loved the same things I did, it gave me a shot in life to be ME!!!! Lol

What I enjoy most about cosplaying is literally in the translation, costume playing. I love dressing up as my favourite characters from animes, mangas, games etc. and acting/feeling like them, enjoying having fun with friends and such.

What I really love about it though is that you don't have an age limit on enjoying yourself, you can dress up as big as you want an still have the time of you life, and no one will think your strange; they just think your awesome xD why should though happiness have an age limit. Cosplaying just makes the happiness of being a kid happen all the time. Meeting new friends of all shapes, sizes an ages and enjoying there company cause you all have that big thing in common.

Another thing that has to be great for everyone is when you spend hours and money on a cosplay you make or buy, and when some notices how much you put into it and they appreciate it, and may even ask for a photo of or next to you, that always gives you a buzz in that costume, knowing all that hard work was worth it.

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