Personal Information

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Name : Hannah
Website :
Location : Marlow, Bucks
Date of Birth : 11th January 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I'm an eighteen year old student studying to become an animal psychologist and working as a sales assistant at a video game store. I've had a sporadic interest in cosplay over the years, and I am in love with video games and action/horror movies. I can be a bitch, but mostly I'm just a laid-back girl who likes to have a laugh.

My final addictions are to bad horror movies, metal and a good cup of tea.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in May 2008, so now I've been cosplaying for two years now, unfortunately I've only really made one or two costumes I have felt comfortable in. I go for characters I love and respect or simply find to look totally awesome.

Contact Information

My MSN is feel free to add me, but if you do speak first I don't talk to people who I don't know first.

My Email is - note the extra s.