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Name : Bethany
Website :
Location : Staffordshire
Date of Birth : 4th November 1997
Age : 19

Personal Bio

I'm your average 15 year old cosplayer girl. I go to high school with my friends, watch anime, read manga, have fun. There's nothing to really say. When I leave school, I plan to go to college so I can become a senior vet nurse. I love to dance around and music is my passion, more or less vocaloid. I don't listen to many English singers these days, but I do listen to Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, and Paramore. People often compare me to Rin in personality and a mixture of Rin and Neru in appearence. If I have my hair in a side pony, I'd be a dead ringer for a somewhat darker haired version of Neru apparently and if I have my hair loose, I'm a dead ringer for a darker haired, long haired Rin. I'm also told if I put on a bit of make-up, I can pass for 17 maybe 18, so I'm pleased with that but I hate make up. I'll only ever wear eye shadow and lipgloss.

Cosplay Bio

Well I got started into cosplay when I came across a cosplay video by a cosplay group called Supamame Team. They are by far my favourite cosplay group and my inspiration to cosplay and have my own cosplay group. What I enjoy most about cosplaying I haven't figured out yet as I actually haven't done much coosplaying, but I have a feeling it will be doing live action PV's of vocaloid songs or just feeling proud that /I/ made this cosplay costume myself (with help from my lovely mother). Me and my friends have started a cosplay group, but we're in need of members, so when I get a thread up on here about it, check it out and see if you'd like to be a part of Maniac Cosplay Team. We'll be more than happy to have you! We don't bite!