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Name : Jay
Website :
Location : Scotland
Date of Birth : 24th November 1993
Age : 23

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Never EVER let me have Sunny D.....EVER!!!

LOST is the single most amazing thing ever and if you don't like it you will get severley abused by me :D

I am dyslexic so stfu with all your crap about me spelling stuff wrong

I have met Calvin Harris and we talked about jam.


At one point in my life my best friend was a horse called Konni.

Now my best friend is a wee character called Jane. You should meet her, she's brilliant.

I can hold my breath for a minute and a half without dieing.

I have a tendancy to get distracted by shiney things and stop talking mid-sentance.

I have a HUGE ego.

I am greatly in love with David Tennant ;P

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