Personal Information

Name : Riyka
Location : London
Date of Birth : 20th August 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I'm a leeetle crazy XD i pretty much live and breath yaoi, read it write it draw..etc you get the pictureXD cosplay is new to me i only started in may of this year it's very quickly turned from i'll go to the con but not dressed up to i'll go dressed up if you buy it for me to i'll buy it if you make it, to me making it and then planning the next ones >< so yeah me in a nutshell...anime manga yaoi fanfiction DDR ParaPara fanart and pocky not in that order Xd

Cosplay Bio

Edward Elric-May 07
made badly by me on my first ever excursion with a sewing machine which was like 20 years old...still wear the coat on occasion... like to college and work and out...
Uchiha Sasuke-October 07 (complete with a sorry girls im gay sign XD)parts of it worn on a regular basis the headband everyday and the shirt every so often..minus the sign of course..XD also made by me with my slightly less n00by skills on a brand new sewing machine my parents bought me XD i actually love this costume with the exception of the homemade ninja shoes it is amazingly comfortable and you get a lot of glomps as sasuke...altho way to many from screaming sakuras not nearly enough from narutos..or kakashis or...itachis...

Contact Information

deviantart.com: phin-chan : http://phin-chan.deviantart.com/
aarinfantasy.com: Phoenixangel (yaoi)
Fanfiction.net: Nao-ranchan : http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1193651/
Cosplay.com: ran-chan
londonexpo.com/messageboard :ranchan (mcm boards)
blomp.proboards80.com (risemboolrangers): Riyka/ranchan/phoenix (i changed my name a couple times..)
DDRUK.com: ranchan

if you want my email or msn addy feel free to ask but i dislike posting ti somewhere public XD