About Me

Edward Elric-May 07
made badly by me on my first ever excursion with a sewing machine which was like 20 years old...still wear the coat on occasion... like to college and work and out...
Uchiha Sasuke-October 07 (complete with a sorry girls im gay sign XD)parts of it worn on a regular basis the headband everyday and the shirt every so often..minus the sign of course..XD also made by me with my slightly less n00by skills on a brand new sewing machine my parents bought me XD i actually love this costume with the exception of the homemade ninja shoes it is amazingly comfortable and you get a lot of glomps as sasuke...altho way to many from screaming sakuras not nearly enough from narutos..or kakashis or...itachis...

Other Profiles

deviantart.com: phin-chan : http://phin-chan.deviantart.com/
aarinfantasy.com: Phoenixangel (yaoi)
Fanfiction.net: Nao-ranchan : http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1193651/
Cosplay.com: ran-chan
londonexpo.com/messageboard :ranchan (mcm boards)
blomp.proboards80.com (risemboolrangers): Riyka/ranchan/phoenix (i changed my name a couple times..)
DDRUK.com: ranchan

if you want my email or msn addy feel free to ask but i dislike posting ti somewhere public XD


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