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Name : Eleonora Rinoa
Website : http://princessrin0a.deviantart.com/
Location : Timber (Rome)
Date of Birth : 10th May 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

Hello! I'm Eleonora I come from Rome and I've 24 years old.
I study lyric to the Conservatory of Rome, S.Cecilia. My dream is to become an Opera singer, and to build a large shelter for all animals in need. One day I also hope to visit Japan, which is the dream I've since I was a child. Cosplay makes me feel very close to it, I make cosplays since 2003. My biggest goal was to be able to bring the cosplay of my absolute favorite character: Rinoa. Final Fantasy has been part of my teenage years, it has a very deep emotional meaning for me, and still is part of my life, and indeed I've always dreamed of living a love story like Squall and Rinoa. Fate was kind to me because it allowed me to meet my Squall in real life, and with him I realized this dream: to make the cosplay couple of Squall and Rinoa. I feel very close to her for many reasons, and I'm proud to wear her clothes, for me is a great satisfaction when people appreciate my cosplay.
I really hope you'll enjoy my gallery!
Se ya soon!~

Cosplay Bio

☜I feel very similar to Rinoa for several reasons☞

Rinoa is an impulsive girl, she loves to take the command of the situations and to manage it, at the cost to put herself in troubles, I've this habit, in fact sometimes I risk to be judged for my actions, and for my sincerity.

Rinoa is nicknamed "princess" in an ironic way by his friends "Forest Owls", this is because she comes from a wealthy family, but she rejected his roots and wants to go even against her father. I'm nicknamed "princess" like her, since I was a child, in an ironic way, because I've always been a bit "spoiled"!

Rinoa is a very passional girl, and she lives her love story like a fable, besides, she would do everything for her friends, and she tries to put always the good thing in their group, I have this nature too, and I find a lot of me in her way to do and act.

Rinoa is a very rebellious girl towards her father, she has a very strong character and she always has a ready answer. I know that it's not a beautiful thing and I'm not very proud of it... however I've the tendency to answer to my parents and to be a little rebel...

Rinoa is a girl that knows how to take her own responsibilities, when she comes to know that she's a witch, she's not afraid to face what will be the future. I also think to be a responsible person as she is, I know how to take the responsibility of very important things, things that could influence my future.

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