About Me

I likes strange clothes. Thus, cosplay was a natural progression. I enjoy how it gives me a reason not to be shy at events. Particularly if I'm doing an obnoxious or loud character... which I don't get to be at home. I like the mingling, the group photos, the general daftness.
I make all of mine and I'm also sewing dogsbody for my mates, usually there's 3 of us but occasionally more.
(If you're at Ame/Aya, you might have seen us as the Tom Lehrer Memorial Singers.) I quite like this as it gives me the chance to sew things I'd either never cosplay myself, or ones I could never pull off.
I rarely get good pictures at cons tho', so despite being at cons since Aya 05 and 'dressing up' as various characters since a good few years before that, I have hardly any pictures of them.
I am interested in the craft of costuming (and 'cos it's my job I don't jury-rig stuff together, obvs.) but often I am too busy to get stuff ready for competitions.

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