About Me

When did i change to the other side of the camera?

1. No-Face from Spirited Away (Worn during EllyWeen 2008, Belgium)
2. Arachnophobia trooper from Soul Eater (Not worn since the act got cancelled last minute)
3. Takeda Shingen/Red Minotaur from Sengoku Basara/Devil Kings (Worn during Japan expo 2009, Paris)
4. The count of Monte Christo from Gankutsuou (Worn Japan Expo 2010, Paris)

Other Profiles

- The PanEuropean Event Reports: http://www.aztek-tv.com
- My DA with personal & cosplay work: http://redcathedral.deviantart.com
- My member ID on cosplay.com: 58506
- For Facebook: ask