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Name : Rebecca
Website :
Location : Birmingham, UK
Date of Birth : 24th January 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Hello there, I'm Reb! I've been going to conventions in the UK since Aya 05 and i enjoy coming up with crazy ideas for cosplays! (yes... I was the back-end of that pantomime-style Ixion you may have seen at amecon 08 >__>;; lol). I enjoy making fursuits (although i would not call myself a furry, and i havn't made that many) as i find them more challenging than normal cosplays (and i get to hide my face! xD)
I love collecting things such as G1 My Little Ponies and BJDs~! I'm also a massive Gackt fan, Science nerd and World of Warcraft freak. xD oh and i wear a lot of purple!

Cosplay Bio

I started with a very lame attempt at cosplaying Aya from Weiss Kreuz at Ayacon05,and intend to make a passable attempt at this one day!! Havn't actually made many costumes for myself, I must change that!