About Me

I first started cosplaying a couple of years ago with basic closet-based things for Supernatural cosplays, but it quickly escalated into buying my first sewing machine and it all went from there!

I mostly cosplay characters from UK and USA TV and film, but I have a few game characters I want to do in the future as well as some anime characters.

While she has a lot of improvements to be made, Tink is the first cosplay I've ever made from scratch and I love her dearly.

Future cons:
MCM Expo London October 2015, ExeCon 2015

Previous cons:
Salute To Supernatural Vancouver 2014, FanExpo Toronto 2014, MCM Expo London October 2014, MCM Expo London May 2015, DEVCON 2015, Bournemouth Film & Comic-Con 2015

Other Profiles

Cosplay tumblr: http://bexcosplays.tumblr.com
Personal tumblr: http://notrebeccahart.tumblr.com
YouTube channel (cosplay transformations, other standard YouTuber-y content): http://www.youtube.com/notrebeccahart
Email: notrebeccahart@gmail.com

Featured Event

Online - 19th June

International Competitions