About Me

I went to my first convention in 2005 and was amazed by all the cosplayers! So in 2006 and 2007 I made my first own cosplays (which weren't good at all XD) but only occasionally...

In 2008 I got really into it and cosplayed more frequently, also adding more details and putting more effort into it ^^
By now it my most time consuming hobby and the most expensive hobby as well XD

To me Cosplay is a big hobby and I always have fun doing it <3
I love to try to bring my favourite character to life and try to look and act like the. It's also a good opportunity to get to know great people that share this hobby <3
I usually cosplay with one or two others :) Cause I prefer cosplaying together with someone rather than just on my own )x

Comments and compliments make me happy, but that's not the reason I have this hobby :D
I'm always glad when people actually like my costumes, because I put a lot of effort into them. But mainly I just cosplay for myself and my friends to have fun XD

Usually I make all my cosplays myself <3 Occasionally I have a friend to help me with my wigs, because I'm still trying to get better at styling them XD
Once I borrowed an Elphaba Cosplay from a friend and I also borrowed her Anastasia cosplay, which I only contributed the jewelry and bit of sewing too ^^
Apart from that all my cosplays are self-made from scratch <3
I tend to get very picky and try to get as many details right as possible x3
and it pisses me off if something doesn't work the way I want it too XD
Often, when I start with the cosplay, I just try out a few things and fortunately most of the times these things actually work XD
Sewing I mainly learning by myself, with only a little help from my grandma with my first cosplay Youji XD

Mind you - I don't like sewing XD I'de never want to do it for a living. Sewing is basically just a tool I have to use to make cosplays xD
I prefer crafting little things |D

The only thing I have no clue of concerning cosplay-making is making weapons... XD Hopefully I'll be able to make those one day too <3

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deviantArt: www.rayi-kun.deviantart.com
cosplay.com: Rayi
animexx.de: Rayi
Twitter: Rayili

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