About Me

'Do what you want to do, make who you want to make, for Cosplay is a passion that can surpass all others - and make it last!'

'Never forget that cosplay is about fun, so if you are not having fun, you are not doing it right!'

The main reason I Cosplay is to express my love for certain characters, I have always had a passion for crafts and Cosplay seems to roll in my love for Anime, Manga and Gaming into a whole new world of creativity. Cosplay is a passion of mine where I can express my love for these characters and show others how I feel about them.

I have been Cosplaying for many years and I have made outfits from Games such as RPG’s and also Anime/Manga.

In addition I have made my own creations such as a Human Girl Cheshire Cat as well as making outfits from Television programmes such as Torchwood and Doctor Who.

I also have a few articles here and there with cosplay tips, for example MYM Mags have published some of my work in 2012 and I was in the GemuCon con book in 2013. I also like to draw and some of my works have been featured in con books such as Kitacon 2014.

I have had my make-up tips featured in MyM Magazine (Issue 4 page 45) and also foot wear tips.

Some of my proud moments / highlights so far have been:

-Photographed by some super talented people, which has allowed me to start my own Cosplay photo album to show others
-Been part of a Cosplay groups (making new friends along the way)
-Taking part in the London MCM Expo Masquerades (various) - Vampire Rinoa, Pascal.
-Taking part in the Kitacon masquerades - Fina from Skies of Arcadia 2012, Rose from Tales of Zesteria 2016.
-Taking part in the GemuCon masquerade - Pascal from Tales of Graces f 2013.
-Taking part in the KupoCon masquerade - Freya Crescent from Final Fantasy IX 2017.
-Finishing my Aurora Child of Light Cosplay in 7 days back in 2014!
-Entering Gemu's got talent in 2013 and singing my heart out as FFVII Aeris.
-Entering Kita's got talent in 2014 and dancing as Magnet Luka (Vocaloid) with Miku (Jess)!
-Entering CMV at Kitacon 2016 for it to be highly praised - credit to Dom for editing.
-Becoming a cosplay guest for the first time at the Norwich Gaming Festival in 2015 (and running a masquerade) and being a guest again in 2016! Also running Manga Norfolk prior to this at The Forum in Norwich.

One of my first happiest achievements in cosplay was getting recognition and praise from others as well as appearing in:
Neo Magazine's Cosplay Corner as Rinoa Heartilly.
Neo Magazine 'Cosplay Stars' as Fina from Skies of Arcadia with a long bio.

I am also very fortunate to run a cosplay group AniMedia East along side with my friends. www.animediaeast.webs.com designed to make more buddies with similar interests.

I am very fortunate to have a great teacher in my mum who used to be a dress maker, I thank her every day for the encouragement and support she gives and a great husband who puts up with me!

I'm also very lucky to have some great friends who share my passion and also encourage me to keep doing what I do, because the stress does make me want to put the thread down!

I hope nothing can stop me from making Cosplay and I would encourage anyone out there to have a go regardless of skill.

Always feel free to PM me if you need help or just want to chat!

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