About Me

It was in year 2008 during my first year of college. I befriended this girl (who is now one of my closest friends),she found out that I also liked anime and told me about the mcm expo. At the time I was pretty clueless I had no idea that cosplay existed, I didnt know anything about conventions either.
She persuaded me to come along and tried to explain to me what cosplay was. I didn't get it, my mind couldn't comprehend it at the time.
As if people actually dress up as anime characters! So I thought.
Boy, was I stunned when I finally went to my first expo event!! I was a huge Gintama fan as well and when I saw someone cosplaying Gin during my first expo, I felt this unexplainable feeling of Joy. I was seeing my fav anime characters projected their right in front of me in real life. It was mind blowing! I wanted to be part of it to be an Anime character for a day was a like a childhood dream come true for me. (I used pretend I was sailor moon when I was young).
So after that fun experience, I immediately fell in love with expo, faithfully attended it every year, May and October.Unfortunately I had no cosplay friends and I didn't know how to start so I created my own OC, well ,closet cosplays. I admit that they were really fail closet cosplays but I was so desperate at the time! (This was during year 2009)
Then after some intense internet research I tried again (last year 2010 around April), only this time I picked a character.
I started of on a small budget, brought a black fuku online (it was on sale at lawrara.com) and decided to cosplay Hell girl. Then after I discovered Miku Hatsune fell in love with her music, cosplayed her at Hyper Japan last year.
My cosplay knowledge and experience slowly keeps expanding. I'm still a bit of a noob, I don't make my own costumes but I'm learning how to style wigs. I'm also going to attempt at making a cosplay prop for the first time as it cant be avoided. My first official cosplay Hell girl was in May 2010.
I also made a film about cosplay with my film group, it got screened at the David lean cinema at the Croydon Clocktower. :3
Sorry for writing such a long essay of rambles xD


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