Personal Information

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Name : Johnathan
Location : Nottingham
Date of Birth : 26th May 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I am a student at NCN Clarendon studying Music Performance, I have completed the Introductory to Music Diploma and BFD in Music Performance and now I am studying for a BND in Music performance. My favorite band is X JAPAN and I listen to all styles of music.
My favorite anime at the moment is Higurashi and my favorite manga is Naruto. Don't know what else to really say.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in May 2007 as Kakashi at London Expo in may, I mainly cosplay to have fun, make friends and hang around with other people who have similar interests as me. The cons/expos i have been to (and cosplayed at) are:

-London Expo May 2007 - Kakashi
-Fuyucon 2007 - Kakashi/SeeD Squall
-Amecon 2008 - Kakashi/Anbu Kakashi/SeeD Kakashi

Contact Information

MSN: Poke me if you want it