About Me

I started Cosplaying around the end of 2009, after i found pictures of cosplaying almost everywhere i went online, and fell in love with the idea. Then i asked my best friend if she would want to Cosplay with me and, well i guess you knw what happened xD (everyone says i was born to be a cosplayer, and now that i'm taking fashion course in my school i can make my cosplays nw)

Mostly the cosplays that I choose are either my favourite Characters, Second Fav, or just ones I think would suit me and look cute.( I don't always do cute btw.) In 2010 I attended my first cosplay convention AnimeNorth, and I was in love right away, i made lots of friends, and new ones at school after finding out they cosplay as well. after that i have attended the total of 9 conventions and this November 12th it will be my 10th.

Also starting around 2010-Today, Me and most of my cosplay friends made a cosplay group that will take full effect this November for DotCon!(Videos/Pics on our sites) Our group is called Team AION. which stands for " Abnormal Incorrectness of North America.)

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