About Me

I wanted to get into cosplay from about the age of 13, I heard about it from friends and just found the idea really appealing. I went to my first MCM Expo in Telford when I was 15 but couldn't get to another until fairly recently when I went to the 2011 Autumn MCM Expo in London! L from Death Note is my favourite anime character so naturally I dressed up as him. I had no idea that cosplaying as L was so popular, it was a bit of a surprise. This May I plan on going as Near one day and as L on the other, if I can go on Friday too I might dress up as Beyond Birthday :) I might be a Death Note fanatic...

Other Profiles

karen.c.christ@gmail.com is my email address, it would be fun if someone would be willing to cosplay as a team with me, for example, if anyone would be willing to dress as Raito if I dressed as L or L if I dressed as Near and so on. I've also wanted to have a go at a Scanty and Kneesocks cosplay but I don't have a lot of time to make the costume :/