About Me

I'm a cosplay begginer X3
i got interested on youtube really..watchin the FPD XD
I love it cos you can be anyone u want to be really =] don't have to worry about what people think of you...because you are not you at the quote Tealpirate of Deviantart...cosplay is the perfect mixture of extasy and insanity...i concur =]
i currently only have Naruto (shippuden) and pre-timeskip Sasuke..with no wigs...Fail i know...but u have to start somewhere...(sweatdrop)
i'm planning on getting those wigs done very soon and then gettin to work on my Roxas (swoons)....can't wait for that..yay!! :3

Contact Information
My MSN screen name is currently No.VIII AX
cos im roleplaying as him on there :)