Personal Information

Name : Lee
Website :
Location : Coventry
Date of Birth : 10th February 1983
Age : 34

Personal Bio

Like so many, I got into anime in my teens, when Paramount wasn't a comedy channel and actually showed great series like Guyver, Dominion Tank Police and Project A-Ko.
But, I moved away from it for a while, until 2011 when I heard about MCM Expo and persuaded a friend to go with me. After seeing everyone in costume, I knew that I had to get involved with that for myself.

Cosplay Bio

Cosplay events I've attended:
London MCM Expo Oct 11 - Zero, Ciel
London MCM Expo May 12 - Zero, Sebastian
London MCM Expo Oct 12 - Robin, Sebastian
Manchester MCM Expo 13 - Robin
Ayacon 13 [First and sadly last:(] - Zero, Robin, Sebastian
London MCM Expo Oct 13 - Robin, Ciel