About Me

I worked out the other day that my first cosplay was done just over four years ago when I first started college. I was sixteen, didn't have much money and my parents weren't interested in helping me with my hobby. So to put it simply it was a pretty terrible first attempt. I went through almost a three year period of thinking that "half-bothered" cosplays were okay.

When I finally realized how bad I actually was, I almost quit. It's only really been during the last year that I've started to cosplay properly. I look a lot better than I did back then.

I admit that I do buy most of my cosplays now, but I've gradually been trying to teach myself to sew. I'm finding it difficult, but I'm starting to see a gradual improvement. I won't however put anything I've made up on-line until it is at a decent enough standard. These days I've become really critical of myself. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

I'm also extremely lucky and thankful to have my cosplay group. These guys are my best friends who I met over a year and a half ago. We bonded instantly. Everyone seems to have their own little talent too, so I guess we help each other wherever we can. I seriously love these guys. We hang out on average once or twice a week, whether that is to make bits of cosplay, take cosplay photos or just generally meet up in town for a catch up.

I have other friends in the cosplay community, but we just don't hang out as much any more. I still love them though and I hope that they'd talk to me if they ever needed anyone <3

Con/Expos that I've attended:

Midlands MCM Expo - 2010, 2011, 2012
J-Culture Con - 2010, 2011,