About Me

I started cosplaying this year, planning started in febuary but actually started getting stuff together in around march.
I've loved the whole cosplay scene for around 7ish years, the first ever cosplay i wanted to do was Rinoa Heartilly from FFVIII, i will cosplay her one day, for nostagia sakes. My dream cosplay is Lulu from FFX, shes probably my favorite video game character of all time, however, i refuse to cosplay her until my skills in sewing and dress making have iumproved considerably.
The thing i love most about cosplay is that i have met some of the greatest people i will probably ever meet and i have gained friends i know i will have for life.
Proudest moment has got to be winning 3rd place with the Guitar Hero group i was in at Midlands Expo 08 - I was Midori and made most of the costume myself, with hardly any experience in sewing and making clothes, work with and adapting patterns. I also made a mini pleated skirt, from complete scratch and trial and error. I love that costume.
Greatest achievement? Practically making entire costumes 1-2 days before the actual event ;D

I usually crossplay. The guys i choose usually look like women. wtf.