About Me

It all properly started last october, when I cosplayed properly for the first time at the October MCM convention in London. I was Sailor Mercury and Princess Tutu. Then I was kinda... hooked ^^; My friend and I carried on doing photoshoots in our spare time (a lot of them are casual ones, because we don't have much time or money to make proper costumes. But we try out best! :D
My proudest moment or greatest acheivement ehh? I would have to say that my proudest moment would be being able to use what I've learnt in my Ballet lessons over the years for something other than going to class. My favourite cosplay is Princess Tutu (so sorry for dragging you all into it, those of you who know me ^^;) so I hope I'm able to do th character and the anime justice!
The thing I enjoy most, I think, is (as well as being able to meet a whole new league of people) being able to slip between personalities and appearances. This is gonna sound lame, but I bet everyone;s thought it at some point - being a cosplaye is like haveing a double life. IT'S FREAKIN' COOL! :D