About Me

I went to LFCC 2011, and was overwhelmed by the cosplay community, it made me really want to try it out myself

after a lot of work, and a cosplay that changed each month up until the week before, I decided to go to MCM London May 2013, with my first cosplay Batman's Red Hood. and after that, I was hooked.

I went back to MCM London in May 2014, this time as Wolverine
I upgraded the Wolverine cosplay and went to the local 'Desucon' in July 2014.

I then got myself a Star Wars Sandtrooper kit, which I was going to wear to another local con in November of 2014, but I didn't finish it in time, so that's still on hold.

2015 I'm heading to LSCC (march) this time as Edward Elric, with my first ever prop made from scratch (the automail arm) and I'm pretty proud of my progression so far.

I also have tickets for MCM May 2015, but not sure which cosplay I will take (probably Edward, maybe Red Hood 2.0)

that's my story so far.


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