About Me

Cosplay! X3 well i fist got into cosplay because i just loved anime!! i watched, read, ate and breathed anime! ^w^ i loved it so much and after while i heard about Expo! and i watched some vidoes on it and i was like "O.M.G!! I MUST GO!!" i kinda ran over to a friends house ran into her room glomped her while she was watching tv going "Hmmm!!! PEOPLE! EXPO! ANIME DRESS UP!! MUST NEED GO!!" she just looked at me like i was cazy! and to tell you the truth i tought you HAD to cosplay to go to Expo XD Lawl silly huh?...any way i told my friends at school about it and i found out they liked anime me too! i was like "WHY didnt any one tell me!" so we made group and just mess around cosplaying lol

Well im love cosplaying!...im in cosplay group thats not really out on there on the internet just yet o3o where hiding! to come out just the right momment....Well really where locked in side some random closet!! and some one stole the key!

well! im on DA! and Youtube! and Facebook! and...MSN! andd...yep
Anyway im the Hyper/Artist one out the group of spoons! *gets book sword thrown at me* O___O I MENT AFTERDARKTRICKSTERS! *panicattack* TT3TT there gonna kill me....But anyway i hope! we can be big group! and see more us sooooon -3-

Other Profiles

Natasher11@msn.com (dad did it he spelt my name wrongLOL)