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Name : Micky
Website :
Date of Birth : 23rd February 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

hi xD my name is Micky Axel but most just call me Axel now-a-days xD

Cosplay Bio

I haven't been a cosplayer for very long since Midlands MCM Expo Feb 2010 actually, but better a late start then never! my first cosplay was Axel from Kingdom Hearts <3

the cons i've been to:

Midlands MCM Feb 2009 (first con <3)
Midlands MCM Feb 2010 (first cosplay <3 Axel org XIII)
JCC 2010 (vampire Axel)
Midlands MCM Feb 2011 (better org XIII)
London MCM May 2011 (saturday only) (better org XIII)
Manchester MCM 2011 (King Axel)
JCC 2011 (Friday night: Axel (waistcoat version)
JCC 2011 Saturday: Gakupo (magnet)
London October 2011 (saturday only)Gakupo (magnet + added waistcoat)
Midlands Feb 2012 (Mephisto Pheles)
Birmingham march/april 2012 (saturday: Mephisto pheles, Sunday: Hatsuharu sohma)
Manchester MCM 2012 (YV2 Yuma)

future cons: (hopefully)

JCC 2012

i only cosplay male characters :D