About Me

My interest in cosplay starts when I was 13...but back then I wasn't that confident to wear sth like that or acting like the character itself. During that time I gained a LOT of infomation 'bout cosplaying, styling wigs, buying the right circle lenses, make-up and stuff...
I know more than anybody can imagine...the only problem is, I can't use my amount of knowledge, because my skills aren't already...uhm well how to say?...that good to convert those info's (ah! so hard to explain...xD especially in English but I hope you understand?)
But the good thing 'bout this is, that I can help thanks to those information other cosplayers ^^

As for me, I'm a cosplayer since 2010...I'm not that good, but I give my best to represent all my favourite characters as good as possible, so that other people have the feeling that the anime characters came to life ^^
Cosplay means so much for me and I hope that I'm able to send the feeling of heappiness to everyone around me, when they see me in a cosplay ^-^

So so sooooo! sorry for my English >///<

Natsu ♥