About Me

Hi~ so cosplay. Yeah. I do that. Although many people have told me in person they like my cosplay they never believe me when I say most of them are done in under 30 minutes (example- I forgot about the ONECon precon until half a hour before my friend came to pick me up and I had less than 20 minutes to pull something together and I ended up with my dog tier jade cosplay)

The longest I've ever spent on a cosplay has got to be .... 3 years... I still have not achieved my goal of becoming a duelist. Bakura and Marik.....

My current cosplay being worked on is my shingeki no kyojin/attack on Titan cosplay of Levi (because come on let's face it ever just needs to cosplay that guy) I've been working on that since the middle of last week and need to finish for this weekend (on the 25th aug. for onecon 2013~) FINISHED! WOOOOOOOOOP!

Onecon 2014. Two days. I'm stuck over my costume... Do I go komaeda, thief king bakura, yami bakura or Envy? I have no clue... I'll figure I out when I get there.

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DeviantArt: Chibi-MsHollowfox
Skype: prussia.gilbert.beilschmidt1
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