Personal Information

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Name : Amy
Website : http://www.storybookentertainment.co.uk
Location : Cumbria
Date of Birth : 24th June 1991
Age : 26

Personal Bio

Ah! Hello! Im new, hence the sparse profile! My name is Amy Irving and im from Workington in Cumbria and im currently in my final year of photography at Carlisle where I live with my boyfriend and a great group of friends!
I work as a childrens party princess (see I even manage to cosplay for a living haha)but I also like dancing, particularly jazz and going to gigs!
I love tattooes, I currently have a cherry blossom tree on my foot, a swallow on my hip and The Little Mermaid on my thigh, I would love to get more but I get through alot of tattoo cover up as it is :p
I watch alot of films due to having a film student boyfriend and cold talk about David Lynch for hours :)
I love to meet new people but I can be a little shy so bare with me ^_^

Cosplay Bio

Im a cosplay late bloomer! I always loved dressing up but my first time cosplaying was Mcm Manchester 2011 where I was Ariel :) since then I have racked up a fair few Disney cosplays as well as Video game and Comic book characters.. I havent seen much Anime.. but what I have seen I liked! Looking forward to attending my first full weekend expo in May this year!