About Me

I started cosplaying when I went to my second trip to the London MCM Expo in October 2010 with my brother and the friends which I eventually made through him I cosplayed as Sakura Haruno in her Naruto Shippuden outfit and I fell in love with the cosplaying scene. I do try to make my own cosplays, but I do also buy some as well which I'm not bothered about as I enjoy being the characters I attend cons as whether they were handmade or bought.
What I like most about cosplaying is that I can be someone else for the day and express how much I enjoy the character I am portraying especially when you are with others who are in the same themed cosplay. I think one of my proudish moments would be completing my first attempt at making the Scythe first version of Soul Eater Evans as I was cosplaying as Maka Albarn from Soul Eater and was so happy with how well it came out and even manage to gon on a my first masquerade (non judged though) at the July 2013 London Anime Con (LAC) and I was so nervous going on stage with my boyfriend who was also cosplaying Soul Eater Evans, but even though we got the stage directions a bit wrong and the scythe disconnecting from its connecter on stage i managed to stil enjoy it and it made me inspired to do it again the next time I go to LAC.
Me and my friends formed a cosplay group together after the May 2013 London MCM Expo and if anyone is interested in seeing our cosplays and any pictures or video of events we attend the link is on my profile here for you to click on. :)

Other Profiles

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If you want to contact me my email is jaynetalbot1@hotmail.co.uk