About Me

it all started when i started to go to candem market <3 i over heard some people talking about the london expo and i decided to go and check it out ... i offically fell in love with manga and anime on a whole new level !!

after that day i started cosplaying as Itachi Uchia i made several music vids and blogs as Itachi unfortunatly my youtube account got deleted because my friends and i had made a video that youtube didnt like ; / this upset me and i have only just got around to remaking a new you tube page. After My Itachi Uchia cosplay i was Misa Amine ( Death Note) and i few others i once tryed making a tifa lockheart costume but its failed so epically

my hopes for future cosplays :
sexy no jutsu sauke ;)
misa misa

dreams / goals
i would love to join or start a cosplay group to make skits and cmvs and just be incredibly amazing ! this still hasnt happened =[ ... Any one you wants to start a cosplay group that lives in heartfordshire get in contact =]
i would also like to start taking photos (i am taking photography as an alevel)

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