Lulu Rose

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Name : Lulu
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Date of Birth : 29th May 1986
Age : 31

Personal Bio

Graduated from Wolverhampton university lovingly dubbed "wolverHELLton" with a 2nd class hons in Animation.

I'm a self taught seamstress and wig stylist and am currently dabbling in heavy leatherworking and corsetry.

I enjoy athletics, fencing, horse riding, reading, drawing, painting, animation of the stop motion variety (see tim burton, corpse bride kinda thing). I love my music, I'm more into a whole. I enjoy some heavy, death, new, punk, ska, alt, industrial, techno......there's a lot I like.
Films and such, I enjoy the horror genre the most, the oldies like hellraiser. I enjoy the older horror films due to how heavily they use latex and other such things, which I find fascinating.

I enjoy psychology. I'm also a SUCKER for shows like "FBI: files"

Uhhhh...I love cooking, but only for someone else.
That's it really.

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplaying in 2004 and I got into it by accident. I never knew conventions and cosplay existed! now I just cant stop doing it!.

My proudest moment?: I always feel really proud of myself when I get on the catwalk in the masquerade, it's fun. But most of all, I'm proud when I see my customers wearing my wigs, costumes or props, I feel a big sense of achievement and I love the fact that I've put back into the community. I can't even begin to explain how awesome it feels when a customer is absolutely ecstatic about what you made for them.

Greatest Achievement?
Well so far that's got to be Dizzy for the wings and my best wig would be Hiruma from eyeshield 21.

Cosplays done so much for me and I'm so happy that I'm part of it.

Contact Information

ASK me for details.