About Me

ok update. haven't updated this page in soooo long.

had a tidy up of my 'in progress' and 'planned' outfits. Ones I'm no longer bothered about doing, I've cancelled and deleted.

I currently cba to make the Iron Man suit, every method I tried - failed. So all those plans just didn't work. therefore, I've cancelled the outfit.

Resurrected my Makenshi outfit, and hope to get him completed by May 2013 (only 2 years after my planned date)

outfits for 2013 include:
Makenshi (Final Fantasy Unlimited) - May Expo 2013
Sophie (Tales of Graces f) - May expo 2013
An Ood (Doctor Who) - October Expo 2013
A Weeping Angel (Doctor Who) - Manchester Expo 2013
Novice Hame (Doctor Who) - October Expo 2013

outfits I plan to wear more of in 2013:
Soubi (Loveless)
River Song (Doctor Who)
March (March Story) - Midlands expo 2013