About Me

Rebooted Cosplay!

I’ve been cosplaying for over 7 years buying my first 3 cosplays
Chii –White Dress
Risa – Summer Uniform
Lucia – Main Costume.

However, now I have a mixture of fancy dress costumes, homemade costumes and closet costumes.I do note if the costumes are bought or not.

I am currently working on having photo shoots done of my costumes. I will have only the photoshoots done of myself on CI due to limited photos however, my facebook page will have all photoshoots.

I have been to:
Tokyopop Recon held at Metrocentre Waterstones a few years ago (as Risa Harada)
Leeds Thought Bubble Comic Convention 2008 (as Kagura Sohma)
London Film & Comic Con <-- Met Vic there! XD (as Haruhi Fujioka ep26)
Leeds Thought Bubble Comic Convention 2009 (as Haruhi Fujioka ep26)
Midlands Expo 2010 <-- Fab Fullmoon Group!(as Mitsuki Koyama)
Nemacon 2010 (JUNE) (as Kagura Sohma)
London Expo 2010 (MAY)(as Matsuri Shihou-Sun and Kanon-Sat)
London Expo 2010 (OCT)(as Alphonse Elric movie ver. and Shion Sonozaki)
Thought Bubble 2010 Leeds (as Nymphadora Tonks)
Midlands Expo 2011 - Haruhi Fujioka ep26 and Kagura Sohma
Nemacon 2011 - Shion Sonozaki
Anime Attacks 2011 - Haruhi Fujioka ep26
London Expo Oct 2011 - Setsuna Ikina
Thought Bubble Leeds 2011 - Setsuna Ikina

My favourite costume is the first one I made which is Kagura (Green Dress) costume!! I LOVE IT SOO MUCH! However, now I have another favourite and that is Haruhi Fujioka ep26 dress, that costume cost the most and I still can’t believe theres not many people who have made it!

Other Profiles

DeviantART: http://littlerascal06.deviantart.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/XxLittlerascal92xX
MAL: http://myanimelist.net/profile/Littlerascal92
Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/56014/


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