About Me

I started looking at cosplay when my friend suggested cosplaying at the London MCM Expo in May, 2009. My first attempt at cosplay was Miku Hatsune in her original costume.

I am now becoming more and more venturous with what I do. I have attempted Penelo from FFXII and have made some of my costume without an actual pattern. I previously attempted the robotic form of V-13 from Blazblue Calamity Trigger, but I have decided to stick with fabric based costumes.

My first proudest moment is when me and my friend got shortlisted in the Neo magazine competition with Miku Hatsune, original form. Second being when our Amulets from Shugo Chara got picked to go into the Cosplay Fever RED book, and my third proudest moment was when I got ask to become an official Blazblue cosplayer for the day @ Bunkasai and the HMV Gamerbase event to promote Continuum Shift 2. I got my Taokaka costume signed by the designers of the game.

I enjoy making things, creating things and learning new skills, then putting them into action by doing a more difficult costume each time. I love the expressions when people recognize who you are. I'm not good at acting as the characters yet. I enjoy meeting new people, making friends and having a laugh with everyone at conventions, as you never know who your going to meet.