About Me

ive been cosplaying for a year now. my friend got me into it which changed my entire life and gave me the best friends. i enjoy it because i have made the best friends ever and its so much fun to do. my best moment in cosplay has to be when i first cosplayed as szayel aporro grantz and suddenly became well known as him in less than a day and got glomped my many fangirls. im mostly known for 2 cosplays which are my steampunk cosplay and my bleach szayel aporro grantz cosplay,(recently becoming well known for wesker from resident eveil).

Other Profiles

my msn is dragonmaster91@hotmail.co.uk feel free to add me any time im on alot anyway. my deviantart is lhead same name as my profile where u can take a look at any of my cosplays anytime on it.


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