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Name : Collette
Website :
Location : United Kingdom
Date of Birth : 31st August 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Hi everyone!

I'm Lazyfaice, a full time student / nerd and a total n00b at cosplay x3

I'm a self professed procrastination addict. I'm terrible at leaving things to the last minute (unless it's academic, where I then panic like a cat in a bath D:)

I like to think of myself typically as a happy, goofy idiot, and I love making friends <3

Cosplay Bio

Always loved dressing up and performing, and I used to get my fix from my performing arts course during school and college! As those days came to an end I found myself really longing to dress up and perform again. That's when I was invited to join in and cosplay!

As my username suggests though, I adopt a more...relaxed and casual approach to my costumes @_@ It's mainly guess work but I enjoy it greatly n_n I hope to get better the more I practise, but I'm happy moving at a rather chilled pace ;D

Contact Information

My msn is rather lame XD

If you add me let me know who you are :D