About Me

*UPDATE* 2017
Have been cosplaying 10 years, I started when I was in my 3rd year at uni thanks to shinigami_ky and Sephnoir at our uni's anime society.
My first cosplay was a gender-bender cross play of Tohru from Fruits Basket (boy version essentially) in a simple sailor fuku, blue shorts and a long pair of socks!
From there I bought a couple of cosplays then began to make my own by modding outfits I had or found.
To date I have made various cosplays, simple and complicated, and am currently taking commissions.
Greatest achievement so far has been making and cosplaying as Kuja from FF9, albeit a bit of a throw together cosplay, which has instilled in me to move onto bigger and better things!

Other Profiles

Check out my Instagram @kurostylr or my cosplay page KuroStylr Cosplay