About Me

I went to my first expo dressed as Sister Esther from Trinity Blood and I loved the thrill of being able to act out as that character and be around others who were also cosplaying, it was just amazing and I fell in love with it.

My greatest achievement I would say in the whole world is my being able to cosplay the one character I have dreamed of cosplaying since I first saw him on TV and that is Raymond Kon from Beyblade. I never thought that one day I would be able to cosplay him, and also in a group. It is a dream come true and I love every second I get that out fit on. I made it all myself and I am so proud of it and everyone that complimented me, thank you!!

I have made many friends, that I am still in contact with today, from all over the UK. They are amazing people and cosplay bought us all together!!

Conventions I have been to:
London MCM May 2008, London MCM May 2009, London MCM Oct 2009, Midlands MCM Feb 2010, London MCM May 2010, J-Culture Convention 2010, London MCM Oct 2010, Midlands MCM Feb 2011, London MCM May 2011, Manchester Con 2011, Ayacon 2011, London MCM Oct 2011, Kitacon 2012, London MCM May 2012, Manchester MCM 2012, Amecon 2012, Alcon 2012, London MCM Oct 2012, Birmingham MCM Expo 2013, London MCM May 2013, Ayacon 2013, London MCM October 2013, Kitacon 2014, May 2014, Manchester 2014, Hyper Japan 2014.

Next Conventions:
Amechibi 2015, May 2015, Kitacon 2015, Northampton Comic Con 2015.

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Online - 19th June

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